Requiem for a Grouchy Puppy
Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Walker

Zen and the Art of the Dog Walk

It's been National Walk Your Dog Week. We love capturing pics of people and their pups out on morning walks in our neighborhood. This sweet moment in the photo here made us smile because they were very in tune with each other compared to some folks we see.

A dog walk is not just about taking your dog out to poop. It's a wonderful time to bond with your little buddy. I would chat with my dog while we walked about the block, often stopping to visit with neighbors out on their stoop. We got to know many kids this way also. Cleo loved exploring and picking up the news and peemail from every corner or tree.

Our night walks meant putting on Cleo's LED collar and enjoying the quiet together, with me hoping we wouldn't encounter a skunk or raccoon. Nervous fun every time.

How about your dog walks? Do you engage with your dog while you both take in the fresh air? 

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