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Get Your Copy Now! "Top Dog: The Story of Marine Hero Lucca"

I have written for years across Grouchy Puppy about all the many ways my own dog Cleo has taught me valuable lessons about growing old, and living in the moment. I've also shared many other dogs out there who give fearlessly, like the therapy dog who helps distressed children. Dogs are amazing creatures and the human-animal bond is something to behold.

Photo courtesy of Chris Willingham

A new book out today is about the incredible journey of Lucca, a real life canine warrior whose military service saved many lives overseas. She is an inspiration.  TOP DOG is the second amazing read by New York Times Bestselling Author, Maria Goodavage.

Maria also wrote Soldier Dogs, an incredibly comprehensive and compelling book about military working dogs and their handlers. I loved all the soldier dogs she introduced us to in this book, especially Lucca. She stole my heart, and I can't wait to get my copy of Top Dog to read all of Lucca's incredible heartwarming story.


Photo credit: Chris Willingham
Handler Willingham keeps up his end of a pact he made with Lucca


This Veterans Day we'll be adding Lucca to the honor roll

TOP DOG is the perfect book for everyone who has felt the positive influence of the human-animal bond. These photos, courtesy of the author, give you just a peek into what incredible journey Lucca has been on, from her years in military service to her retirement.


Photo courtesy of Top Dog
Lucca enjoying being “show and tell”


Get your copy at major bookstores now or online! This wonderfully written book will make a great gift for every dog lover in your life!

Top Dog: The Story of Marine Hero Lucca

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