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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Otis

Any dog lover worth their salt knows that Labradors are ruthless, especially the older ones like Otis here. Look at this face! He knows fully well just how adorable he is and he will not hesitate to use his charm to captivate you until he owns your heart. [...]

Otis prances with a sense of confidence. 

He is super friendly with everyone and he gets along with other dogs too. According to the nice couple that found him, Otis is "great with people, dogs, cats, and kids!

Otis’ weakness is treats! He LOVES treats!! His genuine smile and joy is contagious and when you’re in Otis’ presence, you too can’t help but smile a big smile.

Otis is truly a joy to be around. He reminds us of a cuddly teddy bear because he is such a sweetheart and that darling face of his is just irresistible.

He'll make a wonderful addition to a loving family who appreciates an older dog who’s still young at heart but with the gentleness and wisdom of an older dog.

Come fall in love with Otis at Muttville on Rescue Row in San Francisco!

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