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Recording quiet moments with my old dog

Creating a peaceful environment for my old dog allows us to have moments like this. Together, while listening to our own breathing, it doesn't take long to fall into a meditative state.

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As I stare into her serene face while gently petting her tired, achy body, I know I've reached the optimal pressure and rhythm when she slowly dozes off with a runny nose. Giving her these peaceful moments helps her, while I gain one more memory to fill my future dreams.

Our time together is drawing to a close. 

Experiencing contemplative moments with my dog is helping me embrace her upcoming departure, and resist the urge to live in fear. Right now she is positively influencing my acceptance of her leaving us. Cleo is showing me why I was right to hold her up as a muse for all things Grouchy Puppy. 

Because of her giving so fearlessly to us, while managing her own pain and confusion, she allows me to record one more lovely, quiet memory.

I will remember you

Over almost ten years together, Cleo has given me thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video to swaddle myself in after she has gone. I am confident that when she leaves, her presence will always be felt, even in the dark.

Right now, I will try to give her the peaceful atmosphere her old body craves. I'm so grateful for the love, protection and companionship Cleo has given, that over the next couple of weeks, my focus is to remove any disquietude, giving her the calm and comforting environment she deserves.

Have you had to let go of your dog? Were you able to create lovely memories leading up to their passing, to carry with you?


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