Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Aspen
Sea dogs!

Dogs are easier to love than people

Joan Rivers is quoted as saying, "Dogs are easier to love than people" and for many of us this is the truth.

Dogs don't judge us. They will often willingly go the extra mile to make us happy or laugh. Dogs are the friends who stand by you through thick and thin.

Dogs don't know how amazing they are, or what joy they bring to people. I think that is why mine acts so surprised when she gets rewarded with love and a treat after lifting my mood.

Her expression says, "What? I'm just being average me." And after all they give to us, they don't expect much from us in return for being such incredible creatures and companions.

So yes, I agree with Joan Rivers, and I'll add that older dogs are easier to love as well. 

What have your experiences been with dogs? Have they been easier to love than people?

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