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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Loretta

Being huge Loretta Lynn fans, this week we had to help the most sweetly quiet adoptable beagle find her new family.

muttville.orgFall in love with darling Loretta [...]

Darling little beagle girl, Loretta, is such an easy keeper! and a QUIET beagle! This lovely Loretta is a gentle girl that gets along with all of Muttville's other doggies, and is quite playful for her 10 years.

She loves to join you in bed! but is OK sleeping in her own, too.

She is house trained, great with all sizes of humans, like most beagles, Loretta is smart and has a great nose.

Loretta is affectionate and eager to please.

She was overbred, many times, but is getting her a Muttville Makeover! She's having a dental for her scuzzy mouth and some mammary tumor removals.

Loretta is a diamond in the rough that won’t take much to get her perfect! 

She is a small beagle about 25 pounds. Meet and fall in love with her on Rescue Row in San Francisco!


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