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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Aspen

Either my arms are too short or her dog head is too big

It would be nice to have a current photo with my old dog. We have so few together that a month ago it seemed like a good idea to embrace the selfie trend. 

Epic grouchy puppy selfie fails


After hundreds, but probably closer to thousands, of attempts, the pictures are a hot mess. Either my arms are too short or her dog head is too big. Maybe she thinks just because she is the senior of us, she gets to direct when and how the photo will look.

I've tried every trick. Learning how to be quick on the trigger. I can leap out of direct sunlight or duck into a shady overhang. I can slide my camera open fast and switch from Snapseed to Camera + like nobody's business. But nine times out of ten, everything that could go wrong, does. 

Since this was my summer photo project, I hope you enjoy the best of the worst. 

You see here that sunglasses cover up my eyes looking in the opposite direction of Cleo. Have you mastered the selfie and what tricks have you learned along the way?

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