Either my arms are too short or her dog head is too big
Dogs are easier to love than people

Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Aspen

Look at this cute guy who just arrived from the Van Nuys airport. This happy senior golden retriever even had a crowd of admirers send him off. Well, he's a Bay Area dog now and adoptable! 

image from www.muttville.org

Aspen is very much like a person—he likes to hang around people as if he’s “one of us” because you will often catch him looking at the person talking, as if he’s listening.

Needless to say, he’s very smart, knows the command “sit” and “down”. Oh, and Aspen LOVES food!

Aspen is 8 years old and weighs 68 pounds. He is good with both two legged and four legged friends.

Fall in love with him on Rescue Row at Muttville.


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