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12th Annual 'Cancerversary' Raises Money and Celebrates Family Dog Rescue Founders Survival

In 2002, Family Dog Rescue’s founder Angela Padilla was diagnosed with a very aggressive, high-risk case of breast cancer. Angela’s two rescued dogs became her devoted caretakers.

Angela Padilla
Family Dog Rescue's Cancerversary: Angela's Story


Angela had rescued Mollie and Hooch from local Animal Control Centers when they were 5-months old and 6-years old respectively and their bond was unbreakable. Never leaving her side, they would snuggle close to her after treatments, their love and unspoken support helping relieve the nausea, exhaustion, and pain of the therapy. Angela recalls:

“When my hair fell out and I was bald, Mollie would sweetly lick my head, as if to tell me that she knew I was still beautiful. She seemed to know that my bald head hurt and needed love."

As her strength began to return, Angela started working with animal rescue, spending every afternoon socializing dogs at San Frrancisco's public shelter and eventually became a foster for hundreds of homeless dogs. As Angela says:

“Saving dogs helped save my life.  The profound love that rescue dogs give to the people who save them helped me win my battle with breast cancer.”

What is a Cancerversary? Each year, from July 31st through August 31st, Family Dog Rescue celebrates Angela's anniversary of survival with a very special campaign.

‘Cancerversary’ is a unique fundraiser that invites supporters and the community to donate with a goal to raise $25,000. The funds pay for veterinary bills accumulated during the first half of the year.

Prairie Flower

In saving more than 700 dogs each year, Family Dog Rescue incurs costs of over $50,000 every year - from basic spay/neuter and vaccinations to treating injuries, performing surgeries, purchasing assistive devices for those in need, and much more.

Support levels range from the pocketbook-friendly $20 to a life-changing $150, and include thank you perks depending on the level selected. 

To donate via the Indiegogo page, please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cancerversary-2014

To donate via PayPal, please click this link: http://bit.ly/1takh6i

Every dollar raised during Cancerversary goes directly to cover costs of treatments for dogs who, like Angela, face life-threatening illnesses or injuries. 

Please visit the Indiegogo campaign, follow them on Facebook, or call 415-935-DOGS (3647)

Like battling cancer, rescue work is hard and it is expensive. Only with your help and support, Family Dog Rescue can continue to follow their founder’s vision, continue saving lives, and continue witnessing the amazing healing power of unconditional love.

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