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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Casey

Some older dogs have this special ability to look straight into your heart and see the real YOU.  Casey is one of those dogs. She is an adoptable Bearded Collie with the biggest heart and gentle spirit.

Look at Casey's loving sweet expressive eyes! 

When Muttville first met Casey, she laid alone in her kennel, not wanting to get up. At first they thought she couldn’t get up but once she heard her name and smelled some treats, she knew it was OK.

Baby girl was covered in so much flea dirt that it took 3 baths to get her clean, Casey was such a good girl about it. She knew they were trying to make her feel better.

Casey tail is waggin’ now and she loves to be cuddled! She is super gentle, enjoys short slow walks and lots of petting and loving. She is about 13 years old and weighs 42 pounds.

Casey is great with all dogs and probably would be fine with cats too. She would love a home with no stairs and lots of cushy beds to snuggle into!

Fall in love with Casey at Muttville on Rescue Row!

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