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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Cutty Sark

There are some older dogs out there who remind me of my grandfather in the most wonderful way. Grey and white hair with the loving thoughtful gaze of someone who knows what life is all about. This is how I'd describe Cutty Sark, an adoptable older Shepherd-Lab with a twinkle in his eye, and a spring in his step [...]


Cutty Sark is a superbly handsome affectionate and smart guy. Named after fine aged whiskey, this finely aged gentleman dog is raring to go! 

He acts much younger than his grey whiskers. He wants to take you on a hike and go adventuring with you. He is thrilled by company and is quite the social butterfly!

Muttville thinks he is 10 years old and he weighs 55 pounds. He likes all people, loves walking on the beach at sunset and is looking for his perfect companion.

Come down to Rescue Row and fall in love with Cutty Sark.


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