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Five ways we can be more green with our dogs

Whenever I walk our dog around the block, I often get inspired by a neighbor's landscaping, more so lately because California is in a drought situation and I'm finding beautiful flower pots filled with succulents. Who says you can't marry practical with pretty?

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If we let her, our dog would happily help with the composting. Here in San Francisco it's required to compost your food waste, and if there ever was an upside to having a senior dog, it's that at thirteen, our Cleo is no longer able to counter surf. We can leave a milk carton filled with food scraps in the sink without fear that she'll leap up and sneak it off to the bedroom for an afternoon snack.

Rainy and cool fall weather on the horizon has us thinking about indoor projects, and various ways we can reduce our dog's carbon footprint as well as our own. Are there ways that we can be more green in the winter? I looked around the house and saw quite a few projects, starting with making my own shampoo for Cleo! She has always had sensitive skin.

Want to be more green with your dog? Here are five easy and fun ways:

    • Create a compost just for your dog's poop. If you have the space in your backyard, here are instructions showing how to build dog poop composter in four steps. You can also buy a composter already built for about $50. Note: be sure and keep your dog's poop separate from any garden or kitchen compost. We've been composting in San Francisco for years, and the city is clear about keeping dog poop out of compost that is used in edible gardens. Compost with dog poop can be used on lawns or around shrubs -- remember just not where you grow those tomatoes.
    • Turn an old sweater into a dog bed. Upcycle old sweaters into a small earth-friendly dog bed with this fun DIY project.
    • Make your own dog food. You can give your dog a complete and balanced diet by making their food yourself. If you're worried at all about their nutritional needs consult with your veterinarian first, but this article sheds light on how you can get started. 
    • Use all natural pet care products. Make your own versions of shampoo or use all natural room fresheners and cleaners like Clean+Green
    • Buy local and collars, leashes etc. made from recycled materials. More companies, like Better Buddies Pet Beds are using organic materials and in addition to having a socially conscious mission to help the homeless. You can also learn to repair your old dog toys with a few simple and inexpensive items -- we have the fun broken squeaker project here.

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Need more ideas for your family? Check out Earth911.com

Do you have any fall projects that could help reduce our carbon footprint? How about a simple way to make our dog more green? 

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