How many ways can you celebrate National Dog Day today?
12th Annual 'Cancerversary' Raises Money and Celebrates Family Dog Rescue Founders Survival

I've known you for such a long time

It's hard to believe she was surrendered to a county shelter. When I look at my dog today, it feels like we were given an unexpected gift from the San Francisco SPCA all those years ago. I didn't expect to find such an amazing dog. I was hoping for a buddy, and instead, found my best friend


Now that Cleo is slowing down, I'm grateful for the chance to show her that I will stand by her just like she stuck by me. In rain or shine.

She's been a gift. Our life together is the result from taking a leap of faith. We both had to let go of our fears and trust in each other. As our behavior changed, so did the outcome -- we've built a beautiful bond and the memories of our years together are a bridge that I believe will always connect our spirits. 

Some of my favorite lyrics from an old Queen song say it all:

You're the best friend

That I ever had

I've been with you such a long time

You're my sunshine

And I want you to know

That my feelings are true

I really love you

You're my best friend


Have you had a relationship with a dog that felt like this? How would you describe your adoption story?


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