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Adoptable Senior Dog(s) of the Week: Fred and Ethel

Everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area, both Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and Maddie's Fund are urgently working to find a new home for bonded siblings, Fred and Ethel. They are the most adorable little Chihuahuas that you could hope to meet, very sweet and loving.


Here you go, two little teeny tiny chi chis. Fred and Ethel are a bonded pair and they are two of the cutest little dogs ever seen!


These little ones knew love once, so it’s a mystery to us how they ended up in a high kill shelter, all alone and flea ridden. They are so super sweet and cuddly!


Fred and Ethel love to cuddle up together but also have loved exploring the backyard at their foster home. If you live in the city, where it can be cold and foggy in summer -- they enjoy being lap warmers. You'll save on your P.G&E bill too!

They’re OK with dogs and cats. 

Twice the love, who wouldn’t smile to have that in their life? Muttville will be adopting these two out together.

Please contact Muttville or email Kim at [email protected] or call 925-310-5460


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