Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Maybeline
Plan ahead. Simple Ways to Protect Loved Ones.

How do you express your dog love?

I love how expressive San Franciscans can be. Their clothes might match their dogs, their Victorian could have eight shades of paint, their bumper sport a sassy or saucy decal.

How do you show your love for dogs

How do you express your love for dogs or your own specific dogs? Did you catch the special placard over the garage here? Too much or not enough in your view? This is definitely more than wearing that cute sweatshirt with a Westie in a bow tie on it, or the Dachshund necktie. You have to wonder if they have Cavalier dishes or maybe at least a few throw pillows - either way, I love it!

Here's to dog lovers everywhere and all the fun to be had expressing our love for these amazing creatures!


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