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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Joan

What a sweetheart dog you'll experience when you meet Joan, also known as Kishka. This chiweenie may be a little shy still but is already tackling stairs and using a doggie door with her foster family. She's a cutie!


Fuzzy Beastie Photography

Little chiweenie Joan is a little shy, but wants nothing more then to please her people. She is very easy with other dogs.

Joan is a quiet little girl, not a barker at all. You'll find this lovely cuddle muffin weighs 12 pounds and is 10 years of age.

She has really blossomed and is coming up to greet people with her waggy tail. She loves her walks and is learning how to go up and down stairs, too.

Joan is house trained and even uses the doggy door in her foster home.

She really wants to connect with a special someone, is that you? Come find her at Muttville!


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