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Guest Post: How we handled separation anxiety with our older dog

One of the ways that Grouchy Puppy strives to educate is by being a linchpin between our readers and inspiring human-animal bond stories. Within those stories are incredible people, and experiences with dogs that we can all appreciate.

Editor's note: Every morning on Facebook and Twitter, between 9:15-9:25am PT, you'll find our question of the day. Each day everyone shares photos and gives each other valuable tips in the comments. It's a fun and engaged group. Sometimes a reader or follower has such a poignant story that we get them to come over to the blog so they can share in greater detail.

This is a special story from Gretchen, written in her own words. She shares her experience of adopting a senior dog, and how she and her husband has treated Baileys separation anxiety. It's a heartwarming story that many of us can relate, myself included.

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