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Some say that a dog person is more likely to be extroverted and outgoing but I disagree. I've never had a cat, but in the piece that I read, they also state that those who have cats are more likely to be introverted. Again, I have to disagree because I know quite a few cat people who are very gregarious, outgoing people. They seek out people at parties and are the last to leave because they are having fun conversations. I witnessed many of these moments in person, before I quietly sidled out the door emotionally exhausted.

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My appreciation for the companionship of dogs is something I developed from a young age. I felt an affinity toward my furry siblings (we had four family dogs throughout my early years) and a general love for animals. For some reason I always relax when a dog is around, even if I don't know them personally. I feel better. Calm.

Dogs act as my divining rod for emotions. I can look over and see how they are reacting to others actions, verbal or nonverbal. Dogs don't lie either. I learned from the dogs I grew up with to trust them. They could read people well, and as a little girl, I felt safe because of them. Now with my dog Cleo, she helps me get out of my shell, and I thank her with all the love and security an old blind dog can handle.

Have you thought about where your personality falls on the introvert-extrovert spectrum? Think about it and tell me if these ideas don't convince you how perfect a dog is for anyone leaning towards introversion.

8 ways a dog is perfect for an introvert:

1 - Providing for her basic needs provides a nice counterweight and prevention from becoming a lonely shut in.

2 - She makes the perfect social buffer when you need to exit any unwanted interaction.

3 - When you have the energy to talk to your neighbors, she can be a great conversation starter.

4 - Having a dog at home is a socially acceptable reason for declining invitations or keeping a necessary visit brief.

5 - If you do see someone interesting on the street, your dog becomes the perfect bridge, helping you reach out from your cocoon.

6 - Dogs allow you to be as social as you want to be on any given day, and prevents against emotional starvation.

7 - With a dog in your life, an introvert won't miss out on regular doses of affection and engagement. You'll never be emotionally isolated.

8 - Besides protecting you physically, a dog makes you feel safe emotionally because they're excellent at reading your energy level. They'll absorb any amount of engagement you're able to give on any given day, without judgement.

When it comes to this personality trait, wherever you fall on the introverted-extroverted spectrum I believe a dog is the perfect ingredient to ensure you have a happy and healthy life.

What do you think? Is there anything you'd add to this list? What are you experiences with a dog?

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