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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Molly

Still wondering why we love senior dogs and Muttville? Feast your eyes on this sweet seven pound poodle named Molly. Her gentle nature will surely be the positive influence you're seeking in your life.

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Meet Molly

Those big round eyes, they're kryptonite…

Molly is dreamy and a little love. She's a chubby grey poodle who was abandoned at 13 years old!! Molly is special, a little gift to us. She brings out the mothering instinct in almost everyone she meets.

This little girl needs a lap to keep warm and a person that she can adore. Molly asks for very little. She weighs 7 pounds.

Even though she is small, Molly will fill your heart, for sure. Fall in love with her at Muttville!


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