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Photography and agility training turn rescued dog into Instagram star

Like many dog people most of the photos on my Instagram account are of Cleo, and our life in San Francisco. If you scroll through the photos from three years ago, you'll be able to see how Cleo has gone from long walks in different neighborhoods to a senior dog who prefers naps and cuddles.

Meet Niner, the Instagram Star. This has to be one of my favorite stories. According to SF Weekly, Niner was an abandoned dog who not only found his forever family in Jaymi Heimbuch, but with her help along with training from the SPCA, Niner found he has a very special talent.

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"Niner was picked up as a stray in Modesto and was in line to be euthanized, but the rescue pulled him just in time. I honestly can't imagine a world without him in it now," says Heimbuch. "He has such a complex personality and has taught me so much about how to be a patient, kind and involved companion to him."

An important part of this adoption success story is that Heimbuch was matched with a dog she was willing to set up for success by playing to his strengths, in addition to giving him a loving home. She found what he liked to do and what he's good at -- urban agility -- and added in her passion for photography, turning Niner into an Instagram star!

"It makes it a walk together, a time to bond and engage with each other, and not just a boring walk for exercise," says Heimbuch. "Photography has been a big blessing for the both of us."

Follow the adventures of Niner and Jaymi on Instagram

Heimbuch adopted Niner from Herd It Through The Grapevine, a dog rescue organization in Santa Rosa that specializes in rescuing herding dogs and finding them permanent homes.

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