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5 Reasons You'll Love a Senior Dog!

When we adopted our dog, she was already at least three years old. Her teeth were not the best and soon she had about a dozen pulled after we invested in three root canals. As she has gotten older, her tongue flops out when she is on her side in a very endearing manner. The amount of drool she produces has also multiplied in volume in the past year, and I don't think it is from a sudden increase in her desire for food. Girlfriend has been food motivated from day one.

It's interesting that her extra drool and missing teeth means more food particles drop onto her fore legs. Maybe it's her Husky nature but my dog is fastidious about her personal hygiene. She will carefully clean any food that might have fallen onto her legs. She also likes to use my pant leg or crotch as a napkin after a meal but that is why I wear sweats at home. Hey, she's earned a few perks at this stage, and her funny quirks are all the more reason to love a senior dog.

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If you need a reason to love a senior dog, today is your lucky day. I've got five reasons for you. After reading them, if you already have a senior dog, I hope you go love on them. If you don't have a senior dog, then I hope you'll find one at your local rescue or shelter and adopt one. If you aren't able to adopt then I hope you'll foster one or volunteer spending time with a senior dog. You'll feel like a million bucks, I promise.

Five Reasons You'll Love a Senior Dog

5. Personality match. She might be just your speed! Senior dogs need to exercise like we do, but at a slower pace. Do you like quiet evenings? How you do feel about naps? I bet if you are answering yes to any of these questions, you'll love a senior dog.

4. Too pooped for a puppy. How many times have you wished that you could harness the energy of a puppy, or my 4 year old nephew for that matter. If you are more into soft cuddles on the coach than wildly racing across a park, a senior dog could be perfect for you.

3. Grand Dame and Elder Statesman. If you love the look of a grey muzzle or the quiet confidence of a dog who has lived into her prime, a senior dog could be your match. The calm aura our older dog exudes is contagious.

2. Savviness. Our dog was an adult when we adopted her and she already knew basic obedience. One of the best aspects of a senior dog is that they often require little training. They care more about their interaction with you so learning new commands is more about fun and stimulation.

1. Easygoing. A senior dog might have medical needs, like our dog's diabetes, but her easygoing manner more than makes up for learning how to give her insulin injections. In addition, she's so happy and grateful to have us and her familiar home environment. It feels wonderful to take care of her during this time. She's given us so much over the years.

How about it, ready to bring a grand dame into your life too? Have you fallen in love with a senior dog already? Share in the comments your reasons why someone would love a senior dog.


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