Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Scooter
Haven't we all been guilty of this at one time?

3 reasons a senior dog will steal your heart

Many years ago I gave my heart to an adult dog. She thanked me by stealing my heart all over again, when a few years later she entered her older senior dog stage.

Now you might be wondering why I don't steal my heart back, but if you do, then you probably never had a senior dog in your life before. Once you have experienced life with an older dog you learn that with age comes a bag of tricks. My dog knows how to throw puppy eyes at me until I part with more treats than I had planned. She can shrink her snout at will and turn her whole body into a cute little fluff-ball.

Look at this photo, she is pouring on the charm! Watch out for these three reasons a senior dog will steal your heart [...]

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Three Reasons Senior Dogs Will Steal Your Heart

3. Older dogs act like puppies but ..usually without the hyper-drive energy levels. Also, puppies are starting from scratch with potty training while a senior dog typically knows to give you a heads up if they need to go. Even now, after all these years, our dog Cleo will wake us up in the middle of the night if she suddenly needs to go.

2. With an older dog, you'll have a gentle soul interested in napping with you or hanging out next to your side while you're watching Mad Men or Greys Anatomy. The quiet dignity of a senior dog creates an atmosphere in your home life that cannot be matched by a puppy.

1. For-life partner. When you have an older dog in your life, be prepared for a partner for life. Their life. One of the most profound and beautiful aspects of life with a senior dog is that you are their partner and best friend. Their life may be shorter than ours, but we (you) are their whole life. They give you their heart and soul, in return for so little.

Do you have a senior dog in your life already? How has an older dog made you glad they stole your heart? Has this list convinced you give your heart to a senior dog?

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