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Spring cleaning and housekeeping at Grouchy Puppy

Spring is here and it's traditionally a time of home and garden improvement. I tend to go through my dog's toys, unused collars and bedding etc. to see what can be donated. April also brings extra cleaning, the type that requires real effort, maybe a stepladder, and some dusting in hard to reach places. Therefore now is the perfect time to announce some housekeeping here at Grouchy Puppy.

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Grouchy Puppy Spring Housekeeping

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Notes from the Editorial Desk

Wow 2014 marks five years since we started began sharing stories of city life with a big adopted adult dog called Cleo. Sadly this year I am deeply reminded of that dogs -- even a grouchy puppy -- age faster than humans. Rather than exploring the streets of San Francisco, today you're more likely to find Cleo on these pages teaching us all the joy to be found in senior dogs, and how they deserve our loyalty and commitment.

Her impression on our life and our neighborhood runs deep. When she crosses the street it isn't uncommon for people to wave at her from their car, or make kissy faces. Some drivers roll down their windows to ask questions, much to the chagrin of the cars behind them. No matter what happens Cleo will always remain my muse, and the spirit behind Grouchy Puppy.

Thank you for helping with our spring cleaning, and remember you can always email with your suggestions and feedback.

Sharon and Cleo


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