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Dog fighting is a crime but continues in America. Learn how to recognize & report it

According to Albert Einstein, "Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act" and for Grouchy Puppy that means helping raise awareness of the awful crime of dog fighting. The ASPCA is leading a series of events that will teach how to recognize and report dog fighting.

The ASPCA has officially designated April 8th as National Dog Fighting Awareness Day to raise awareness about dog fighting brutality, and will be hosting a Google+ Hangout with national experts to discuss the underground world of dog fighting. The panel will be moderated by ABC News anchor Dan Harris and will include little-known truths about the blood sport and its continued prevalence in America.

During the Google+ Hangout, there will be live social media Q&As across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in which users will be able to submit questions about dog fighting with the hashtag #NDFAD and ASPCA experts will be answering them live.

As part of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, the ASPCA will feature an interactive information and advocacy center on that includes:

The premiere of a never-before-seen short documentary, including undercover footage of dog fights, ASPCA rescue activity at dog fighting raids and expert insight

An interactive quiz that debunks common misconceptions about dog fighting and the dogs and people involved in this so-called sport

A “virtual museum” photo gallery of dog fighting and training paraphernalia, including dog treadmills, fighting pits and narcotics used to increase aggression before a fight

Profiles of dog fighting victims rescued by the ASPCA -- most recently from the second-largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history

The goal of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day is to elevate the perception of dog fighting from an isolated criminal act to a deep and persistent stain on our national character.

Will you join in the discussion? Have you experienced dog fighting in your area? What do you think of this new campaign, will it help? 

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