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Highlights from Record Breaking SF DogFest 2014

This year was bigger than ever at DogFest in Duboce Park in San Francisco. The sun and crowds came out to support the community and the kids at McKinley. 

When we passed by this sign, we knew we were close. 

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Then we started to run into cute dogs and followed them to the fun.

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The first table we had to visit was the merchandise for DogFest because all the proceeds support McKinley Elementary. We found cute shirts and ball caps galore!


This dog showed us where to start looking for a tasty and nutrious snack


And then as we pooped out from watching the contests and dog show, we found a spot on the grass to watch the parade of people and pups having a good time in the sun. 

sfdogfest 2014


No wonder this was a recording breaking year for DogFest. What a great turnout and amazing list of sponsors supporting the community! We'll be back next year, join us!


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