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Cleo retreats to Switzerland rather than fight Dyson

My dog is smart. I'm sure everyone says that about their dog but as you can see from this photo, she made her way straight to Switzerland, aka her inner tube, aka her bed with the high walls, when the Dyson vacuum came out. The high walls tuck her in and she feels secure, while being able to hear and smell any action at the front door.


Want to know another reason my dog is so smart? Because she is mostly blind yet remains determined to live independently. Five minutes before I snapped this photo, she got up from a comfortable spot in the sun in another room, navigated and negotiated her way across the house, because said comfy spot was out in the open.

Cleo is strategic and has several habits. She's like my dad, the retired cop, who sits in restaurants with his back to a wall and facing the front, though he's 80 years old. Old habits never die, even for a dog.

Does your dog have habits like this? Do they fight the vacuum or retreat to Switzerland too?

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