Guest Post: Our Experience With Holistic Treatments (Part Two)
Have you seen this dog?

Are you prepared? April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

There are ways to prevent dog bites, but do you know what you would do if your dog got hurt at the park? How about if your puppy devoured a bag of chocolate chips?

Not only have I thought about those situations but my dog is elderly and blind. Oh, and I live in San Francisco, an area famous for having earthquakes. I've many reasons to periodically take a minute and ask myself, "What would I do if Cleo was hurt?"

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Do you have a First Aid kit for your dog?

Do you need first aid tips or help with what to do in an emergency? We found a great resource from the American Veterinary Medical Association AVMA website. They have information on how to handle an injured pet, a list of first aid supplies, basic first aid procedures, and what to do if your traveling with your pet and they become injured.

Petsmart Charities suggests preparing a pet emergency kit with some of the following items:

  • One-week supply of food stored in a waterproof container (rotate regularly)
  • One-week supply of fresh water
  • Hard copies of each pet’s updated vaccination records
  • Extra supply of medication (if refrigeration is necessary, have easy access to a small cooler)
  • Pet first-aid kit
  • List of regional pet-friendly hotels
  • Carrier or leash for each animal
  • “Pets Inside” stickers on all entrance doors to your home

Learn more:

Pets | Emergency Preparedness American Red Cross

Disaster Preparedness Planning (PDF) SF/SPCA

Are you ready? Do you have a first aid kit at home or in your car that includes supplies for your dog? Have you created your own kit or did you find it was better to buy one? Share your experiences in the comments.


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