Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Licorice
Reason 314 why senior dogs rule

Eureka! This is your chance to use that dog hair living on every surface

Did you see this cool book full of dog photos? And not just any old dog, but my old dog Cleo! I pulled it out to illustrate something fun and crafty for you. [...]

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Are you crafty too?

I read somewhere that today is Scrapbooking Day but then read in another spot that the official date is in May each year. It doesn't really matter what the actual day is because every day is a good day to show off how much you love your dog. Amiright?

When I read about scrapbooking a light bulb went off above my head. I thought:

  1. I love that photo book of Cleo, so why not make a scrapbook.
  2. She doesn't play with most of her toys anymore. A few fabric toys that are too torn up to donate to a rescue, could be turned into fun page elements!
  3. Why not collect some of the endless dog hair floating around, or clinging to a surface...and turn the strands into shapes for decorating the pages! Clear glue anyone?
  4. I could recycle random bits of cards, stickers, boxes and other Cleo items from over the years!

Why shouldn't I start now instead of "after"?

I don't know how I will ultimately handle her departure, but it will be messy. I'm still feeling pretty good because I've accepted the inevitability of it, rather than living in denial. This scrapbook idea could be an asset in my recovery if it's already done ahead of time - or at least eighty percent done. I am not a trained therapist, but I don't think this is a bad idea, certainly harmless.

Being creative in winter is always healthy because it's easy to get cabin fever. We're having quite a few gloomy days over here so this project could be fun. Amiright?

Do you have a scrapbook for your dog or dogs? Have you heard of this holiday before? Any scrapbooking tips or resources for a novice? Share in the comments...

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