New line of comfy stylish outdoor pet beds from SF-based P.L.A.Y. launches
Looking for love? Meet these adorable Muttville Mutts!

Doxie battles giant shark, who will win?

I love dogs so much.

If you have ever wondered why we're dog lovers, this adorable video might help explain the appeal.

If you know our big rescue dog Cleo, and wondered about her self-proclaimed love of wee dogs like Dachshunds, this video demonstrates why they are two sides of the same puppy personality coin.

Determination and focus when it comes to showing ownership. We are all too familar with the notion that all high value toys, shoes, towels, leash, anything considered "mine" must reside in dog-cave or be safely tucked into the corner of one of her beds.

Honestly I don't mind because at least I know where to go when something is missing, and she doesn't tear any of it up. 

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