Doxie battles giant shark, who will win?
Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Chloe

Looking for love? Meet these adorable Muttville Mutts!

Having my own older dog, every week I love helping adoptable senior dogs from San Francisco and the Bay Area find their new families. Here are four of these senior sweethearts still looking for love and a forever home.


Starting from the upper left and going clockwise meet Muttville cuties: Soya, Willy Von Stickleback and the sweetly bonded pair, Angie and Dude!!!

Read these Muttville profiles, see more photos and then come meet them!

Meet the spunky yet girly Chihuahua Soya 

Meet the coolest guy we know Willy Won Stickleback

Meet the dynamic duo and total BFFs Angie and Dude

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