Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Sally
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How do dogs get us to do the silliest things?

Is it because they are goofy? Is that why dogs seem to inspire the worst puns, lame alliterations and bad poetry? I'll admit that I'm guilty of these crimes.

Are dogs uniquely capable of getting us humans to let our guard down and act like fools in front of them? I have not seen anyone talk like a baby to a cat, but I've seen plenty go nuts over a dog - from a puppy to a senior cutie. You know what I'm talking about. The person in question speaks in a silly voice and then some...

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Confess. How many of you have written bad poetry inspired by a dog? I'll admit that not only have I written bad poetry, but my dog inspired me to try making homemade dog food, learn basic first aid to treat her boo-boo's and simple sewing to keep her toys in good repair. I read all about nontoxic methods to clean anywhere she sleeps, walks or puts her mouth. I willingly put my hand between her snout and anything - I repeat, anything - that might harm her, from a sharp corner to a thorn.

My dog inspires me to do silly things like trying to write funny puns about her or our life together. So yes, my dog gets me to let my guard down more than most, and I wouldn't change a thing, bad poetry and all.

If you have any silly alliterations or puns, or poetry to share, inspired by a dog, we'd love to read it!

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