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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Sally

Meet this week's adoptable senior dog, Sally. She is the perfect blend of Shepherd and Chow Chow, ideal for someone who needs to just mellow out and savor some quality time. 

Learn more about Sally from this fun interview by Calvin, the leader of small club: big adventures for small dogs. It's a exclusive. Warning! Be prepared to fall in love, Sally is a little flirt [...]


Photo credit: Suszi Mcfadden

Calvin here! I'm the mischievous terrier from small club: big adventures for small dogs. My pessimism clashes with the happy-go-lucky personalities of the dogs for adoption I interview - I have to wonder, what is wrong with these upbeat dogs? I mean, they don't even have homes and still they are optimists! Let me introduce you to one of these resilient dogs, a gentle shepherd-chow blend named Sally. Recently rescued by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, the unsinkable Sally is looking to share her life with a forever person. Big mellow dogs are just my style - do you need a daily reminder to relax and let go, too? Sally is your girl!

Calvin: Hello, Sally! I heard that your foster mom at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue is helping you get back on your feet - what’s the story?

Sally: Hey, Calvin! Don’t worry, I’m on my feet and feeling great. I used to not eat very healthy, so my skin got crackly and my hips got achy. Now I’m chowing down on fish and healthy fats- you’d be amazed by my transformation!

Calvin: Oh cool - I love stinky fish, too!

Sally: Yup, I’d recommend lots of healthy fats and joint supplements for shepherd gals like me - we need extra support for our big hips, hahahaha. I am a good walker, and I love a 15 minute jaunt around the park to give a friendly “hello!” to the other dogs there. Those ball-chasers love to hop over me when I decide it’s time to sit down and take a break - I relax and watch them run.

Calvin: Aack. Ok, I get it, you are seriously easygoing. Tell me you bark, at least!

Sally: Nope, I don’t bark. The only time I make noise is when my person comes home - I do my happy dance, smile and let out a tentative yap to make sure the human knows how thrilled I am to see them.

Calvin: So, Sally, I noticed you haven’t mentioned your favorite possession yet...

Sally: I love my faux sheepskin rug! My foster mom got it for me at IKEA. She said it was the best $9.99 she ever spent. I think every dog should have one!

Photo credit: Suszi Mcfadden

Calvin: Ha. Hilarious. I want one! Got any hobbies, Sally?

Sally: I’m known for my subtle flirting... I make friends everywhere I go! If someone doesn’t notice me, I will “accidentally” brush them with my tail until they have to stop and say hello.

Calvin: Oh Sally, I heard you employed this technique to charm guests at the doggie fashion show benefitting Muttville, Haute Dog SF 3. Was it fun to walk the catwallk?

Sally: It was amazing, Calvin… All eyes on this beautiful girl workin’ it on the runway!

Calvin: Yuck - I would’ve freaked out. You’re quite the social butterfly, Sally.

Fill in the blanks for me, then you can get back to your flirting...

What you like Best about Yourself: I’m calm in a storm. That’s right, I can lay down and chill out at a cafe, by your desk, or in the middle of a dog park teeming with puppies.

What you would Change about Yourself if you Could: Hips, people, hips! I’m wishing my big dog joints were better taken care of when I was younger.

Favorite Snack: Love my salmon treats!

Best Friend: I haven’t had one for a while - but I’d like to try again.

Best Place to Nap: My faux sheepskin rug

Biggest Pet Peeve: Stairs. I can walk up a ramp, or even a step or two, no problem! Otherwise, I’ll wait here.

Most Likely To: Remind you to slow down and enjoy life

Calvin: Thanks for taking the time to do this Q&A with me, Sally. I know your forever person is out there- maybe even reading this interview right now! How should they contact you?

Sally: Yeah! You should check out my profile on the muttville website, then fill out an application so we can meet and get to know each other. See you soon!

Sally’s Muttville profile


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