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Budweiser video adds puppy power in Super Bowl 2014 commercial capturing hearts of dog and horse lovers

Holy kryptonite Superman! Adorable puppy and gorgeous Clydesdale horse go straight to your heart, faster than the little dog in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Budweiser's ad agency knows what they're doing this year because this one minute Super Bowl commercial leverages what all of us dog lovers and horse nuts already know, images like the playful puppy pal with his horse friend are kryptonite. We will not change the channel until we see these best friends together again.


And nice touch ad agency with the subliminal dog adoption message through that signage. You will surely win a Clio (or Cleo) for understanding people who buy your products care less about swamp frogs burping out "bud...wei..ser" and more about dogs and dog adoptions. In my opinion.

If I'm over-thinking this, tell me about it in the comments, and generally if you have any thoughts about this commercial, do tell..

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