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Dog acts out typical Super Bowl Sunday in eight frames

Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner. Will yours include dogs, loud television, plus lots of food and people? First read this post on people food that can harm your pets. Sometimes in a split second accidents happen. 

With millions of dog lovers out there, I have a feeling that the following scenes will be played out in households all across the country. Am I right? Share your story in the comments.

Enjoy our dog Cleo acting out what will happen in our house this weekend. Though the San Francisco 49ers won't be in Super Bowl 2014, we still plan to...

images from www.grouchypuppy.com
Invite a few friends over and...
image from www.grouchypuppy.com
..serve pretzels. I'm sure..
image from www.grouchypuppy.com
..someone will bring corn chips


image from www.grouchypuppy.com
We'll grill some meat but..
image from www.grouchypuppy.com
..also serve healthy snacks too
image from www.grouchypuppy.com
Cleo will perform her greatest hits during halftime
image from www.grouchypuppy.com
Then make sure everyone leaves after the game
image from www.grouchypuppy.com
Because she gets grouchy if she stays up past her bed time

Enjoy the game and these helpful tips to keep your dog safe:

If your dog gets anxious in crowds or from bursts of loud noises, consider setting your pet up with their bed in a dark room, with soothing music to cover the loud noises.

Make sure your pet is microchipped & has ID tags on just in case they get away from you or the house (check to make sure your contact information is up to date!).

Never leave your dog outside even if they are not unattended or you have a high fence, a frightened dog can do incredible "how did they do that?!" things to flee anything that scares them.

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