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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Bella

Meet this week's adoptable senior dog, Bella. This sweetly blended Chihuahua is perfect for someone who enjoys quietly pondering life while her adventurous spirit and taste buds means she'll also fit right in with the foodie scene here in the Bay Area.

Learn more about Bella from this fun interview by Calvin, the leader of small club: big adventures for small dogs, then watch a little video taken by Bella's foster family. It's a exclusive. Warning! Be prepared to fall in love [...]

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Calvin here! I'm the mischievous terrier from small club: big adventures for small dogs. My pessimism clashes with the happy-go-lucky personalities of the dogs for adoption I interview - I have to wonder, what is wrong with these upbeat dogs? I mean, they don't even have homes and still they are optimists! This month, I'm checking in with a loving chihuahua mix named Bella.

Rescued by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, Bella is living in a Muttville foster home while searching for her new someone to love. Her enthusiasm for short walks and culinary adventures means she will fit right in to your bay area lifestyle!

Calvin: Hello, Bella! Congratulations on being rescued by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue - you are destined to have an amazing new beginning to your life.

Bella: Konnichiwa, Calvin! Happy to be here.

Calvin: I heard that you have been in foster care for a while now… what’s up with that?

Bella: I’m a really special little mutt and I know it, Calvin. I think I’m getting lost in the crowd of little chihuahua mixes looking for homes… but I am one of a kind!

Calvin: I have seen this phenomenon before, Bella… why don’t you tell everybody what makes you so special.

Bella: Well, I’m loving and kind, and looking to make a real connection with my human. I’m about 8 years young, and possess the wisdom of my years along with a youthful curiosity to try new things. I recently discovered japanese food and I love it!

Calvin: Clearly, you are a unique dog, Bella… Tell me how you imagine your forever home.

Bella: I think I’ll be an important part of a family - I don’t care if it’s with one person or a bunch of people, but I AM hoping to settle in a neighborhood with a japanese restaurant.

Calvin: Haha, Bella. A dog can dream! Fill in the blanks for me...

What you like Best about Yourself: my eyes - they reveal my wise old soul

What you would Change about Yourself if you Could: I suppose I could eat healthier - nothing a little fish, rice and vegetables can’t fix!

Favorite Food: sushi

Favorite Treat: bonito flakes!

Best Place to Nap: In a sunbeam.

Biggest Pet Peeve: No sunbeams.

Most Likely To: win first place in the race to the front door (did you see my video?)

Calvin: Terrific, Bella! You are the first chihuahua I’ve met who loves japanese food - I’m inspired to try some sushi myself! I know your forever person is out there- maybe even reading this interview right now. How should they contact you?

Bella: Yeah! You should check out my profile on the muttville website, then fill out an application so we can meet at Muttville headquarters to get to know each other.

Sayonara for now, Calvin!


View Bella’s Muttville profile and go see for yourself this cute senior dog!



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