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Have dogs? 5 Winter Weather Tips

In San Francisco it's unseasonably warm this winter. This photo was taken on a dog walk two days ago.

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Unfortunately there are many parts of the country covered in a deep freeze. We want to help keep your furry buddy safe.

If you're dealing with colder temps or any of that snowy polar vortex, we've pulled five good reminders for you:

1 - Don't leave your dog in the car, it can act like a refrigerator in the cold, causing them to freeze to death.

2 - If your dogs loves the snow and playing in it, increase their food some to keep them healthy, especially adding more protein.

3 - The extreme cold can cause your dog to get hurt or lose their way and get lost. Always make sure they have tags on and your contact information is current on their microchip.

4 - Wipe your dog's legs and stomach after they come in from the snow and ice. The ASPCA gives this tip because dogs lick their paws and could ingest salt, antifreeze and other toxins.

5 - Keep your dog's bed away from any drafty doors or windows. It's winter, let them be the snuggle bug they are.

Resources: ASPCA

What did we miss? Any recommendations for dog booties? Stay safe out there everyone!

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