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Dog hates baths so much, delighted with California water rationing

Our dog hates baths. She becomes a donkey in her resistance. Out of the blue, she'll turns her nose up to liverwurst. Gravity takes hold of her rear end with the strength of the entire San Francisco 49ers defensive line.

image from www.grouchypuppy.com/blog
Exhibit A - The disappointed dog face


Imagine her response, when CA Governor Brown asked for a 20% voluntary reduction in water use today?

image from www.grouchypuppy.com/blog

Yep, our dog did a happy dance, then promptly plopped down so we could begin brushing her. She looked at me with the sleepiest, most self-satisfied expression I've seen in a long time.

I had to laugh when she saw my face, and hands full of brushes and aromatherapy spray. This dog will never be successful at a poker face.

How about your dog? Will they be happy about the water rationing too? 

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