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8 Wonderful Stories From 2013 Featuring Dogs

Reading about dogs is something I never tire of. These amazing creatures comfort us, protect us, and make us laugh. Sometimes it seems without effort. Dogs don't hold grudges. If a dog loves you, they love you with no filters or hesitation. This year we've seen and read stories of dogs saving lives, comforting weary travelers, helping kids learn to love reading, and helping veterans live a good life. Whatever we ask of them, dogs step up again, and again. 

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Let's look back at some of my favorite stories from 2013 featuring dogs, being the amazing creatures that they are [...]

8 Wonderful Stories From 2013 Featuring Dogs

1 - Dogs know love and compassion story

Three-legged adopted shelter dog with failing eyesight saved her new family from smoke inhation

2 - Realizing the value of the human-animal bond and nurturing that love story

Nonprofit offered Pet Food Stamp program to help beloved household pets stay with families

3 - Even if we don't sense danger, there are times when we should trust our dog story

After her human gets clear biopsy, Daisy the dog detects breast cancer, saving her life

4 - Allowing service dogs to comfort and positively influence the young and scared story

Programs began that had trained service dogs helping domestic violence victims in courts

5 - When we set dogs up for success, and help them find their own way to give fearlessly story

Rescued Great Dane gained confidence as therapy dog, bringing joy to the elderly and ill patients

6 - Why choosing to adopt a large adult dog could save your life story

Heavy paw of Mastiff wakes new family members before smoke alarm sounds

7 - Most of us hoped this is true, and that dogs really do miss us story

Neuroscience shows dogs have memories for us humans

8 - Doing the right thing, because it's the right thing to do - or the unintentional hero story

Police Officer rescued then carried a 75-lb shepherd two miles, after a car accident

If you try, there are examples everywhere of the human-animal bond at its finest. What stories stood out for you this year? These are from outside of the Bay Area and represented for me some of the best ways dogs make us better humans. They were just some of the stories that certainly inspire me.

If you know a story that represents this year, add it in the comments. I'd love to read it.

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