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Adoptable PAIR of Senior Dogs this week: Penny and Corky

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In our book, senior dogs rule and puppies drool, at least every November because this month is our dog's special homecoming day, and National Senior Dog Adoption Month! This year we're celebrating in a big way with an online party on November 9, contests, and a whole lot more! We're marking eight (8) years since the missing piece to our family, also known as Cleo, found us. 

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Give Fearlessly isn't just part of our motto, the words are a guide.  

As part of our celebration for Cleo, we've included a fundraising component. There is a link to our First Giving page where your donations go directly to PAWS. For anyone who would rather wear their support - we've got you covered!

Using local creative outlet enabler Zazzle, we present three super cute shirts celebrating senior dogs! A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these sweet shirts goes to support Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, PAWS and the San Francisco SPCA. 




Thank you to Emerson's Maryland family for suggesting these quotes. If anyone prefers a sweatshirt or hoodie, go to the contact tab and email us, we're get one set up for you.

We love our dog and cherish our time with her. As she moved into her senior years, the mutual love we have for each other has only gotten stronger and richer. Her positive influence over our life has not diminished. 

Do you have a senior dog too? What you tell someone who was considering adopting an older dog?

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