An old dog can teach you new tricks
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Celebrating life with a senior dog all November: Meet Molly

Send us your photos, we're celebrating Senior Dog Adoption Month on Grouchy Puppy all November! 

Partnering with Muttville, our local senior dog rescue, has been rewarding. With our own dog now elderly, we understand first hand the joy a senior dog is to have in your life.

Miss Molly here is a Muttville success story, and a great example of the love you can share, in addition to the lifetime of love an older dog has to give. Our huge thanks to her new family for sending her photo and sharing her amazing story. Molly is 11 years young!

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Molly was left at an L.A. County shelter last summer. She almost didn't make it out as an older black dog. Muttville said yes and she hopped a flight with Wings of Rescue, the kind pilots who offer space in their private planes for rescue dogs. Molly is a gem, loaded with personality, loves sleeping on the bed at our feet and she is a great Muttville ambassador.

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