Celebrate with us! It's #Cleo8 Homecoming Party and Contest!
Happy Homecoming Day, Cleo! from Rusty, Muttville senior dog for adoption

Special greeting from Arizona: Happy Barkday Cleo!

One of the first photo cards we got in the mail came from Arizona, and from an older dog whose birthday is the same day as Cleo's Homecoming Day. 

Doggy birthday greetings from Arizona

Happy Barkday Cleo!

My birthday is november 9, too! i'll be 14 years old. ma and dad have something special planned for me, but they won't tell me what it is. they want it to be a surprise. they won't tell Shunka either coz he can't keep a secret. 

Love, Winnie

p.s. sorry my paw-writing isn't very good. i'm not used to using a mouse device.

Happy Birthday Winnie you look beautiful as a sweet senior dog, and your typing is just fine. Wow! 14 years is an amazing milestone! We hope you have a wonderful day with your family in Arizona.

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