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SF SPCA Holiday Windows Return to Macy's Union Square

One of the best (and sometimes worst) things about social media is that it's about sharing. Remember how much #SFBatKid was shared recently? Definitely that was social media sharing at its finest. Now this week, it's time to share the best holiday window displays we have in downtown San Francisco. It's a tradition I've loved since it began with standing in line outside of Gump's.

It's time for the Annual San Francisco SPCA Holiday Windows at Macy's Union Square!

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Photo credit: Nora Stratton

Last year nearly 300 dogs and cats found homes through this event, and more than $80,000 was raised to support the SF SPCA's lifesaving programs. The SF SPCA Holiday Windows at Macy's is just one of the many ways the SF/SPCA is trying to end animal abandonment in San Francisco by 2020. Over the past nine years, the Holiday Windows have helped the SF SPCA find homes for over 2300 animals [...]

Did you know:

More than 8,000 animals have found homes through the annual San Francisco SPCA Holiday Windows.

During the 2012 Holiday Windows at Macy's Union Square 1,091 volunteers contributed 4,522 hours.

The first Holiday Windows event, in 1987, was at Gumps department store.

Past celebrities who have hosted the Holiday Windows unveiling include Sharon Stone, Dame Edna and Steve Young.

Girls Scouts in uniform are some of our most successful fundraising volunteers!

Generally, about eight seasonal SF SPCA staff members are hired to help with Holiday Windows.

For the past four years the SF SPCA Holiday Window displays have been built in New York by Spaeth Design, then driven to San Francisco where they're reassembled and detail is added. The displays can take up to two weeks to install in the Macy's windows and one week remove.

image from http://aviary.blob.core.windows.net/k-mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp-13112723/7bbde768-88cb-4c42-9886-7333a44a851f.jpg

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How you can join in:

This success wouldn't be possible without the many volunteers! Signing up for a Windows volunteer shift is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Shifts are just two hours and require no prior training. Volunteers are responsible for collecting donations outside of the Windows and greeting the public. Learn more and sign up at www.sfspca.org/holiday


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