8 reasons why I'm thankful for having a senior dog to celebrate Thanksgiving with this year
Dogs Never Lie About Love

Celebrating Life with a Senior Dog: Gentle Ben

Send us your photos, we're celebrating Senior Dog Adoption Month on Grouchy Puppy! 

Choosing to adopt an older dog can be the best decision you make all year. Speaking from my experience of having an elderly dog, I know how sweet they are. Slow walks together are special for you both, allowing you to unwind and take a deep breath. Senior dogs can also be as big a cuddle monster as any puppy. Why adopt an elderly dog? Because no matter how much time you have together, it will be enriching and I bet your heart will grow stronger from being influenced by the experience.

Meet another wonderful older dog, this time from Texas

image from www.grouchypuppy.com

Ben was a rescue from Houston, TX. I adopted him from my brother when he moved. He passed away in July. One day short of his 15th birthday. He was just awesome.


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