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Rumble Dolls - The Untold Story of Cleo's Long Lost Brother

In 2009 Cleo steps through the digital curtain and into dog lover's hearts

Celebrating Eight Years with Cleo. As part of today's online celebration of our eight years with our dog, we're sharing blog posts, photos, videos and more from the past. 

image from www.grouchypuppy.com

Four years ago in 2009, Cleo walked through these kitchen curtains and into the hearts of digital fans, in addition to many wonderful strangers she met in the San Francisco Presidio.

With that happy face, she is a natural conversation starter and quickly made friends around town and online. Dr. Harvey's was one of our first product reviews, and Cleo fell in love with his Veg to Bowl.

She soon met @Rumblepurr a very handsome mancat and her long lost brother!

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