Earning the love of an old dog
An old dog can teach you new tricks

Best Wishes from Isabella and Miss Dolly Parton!

Our dog sure has some fancy friends! The party doesn't officially start until November 9 but here's our first photo card and birthday greeting from Cleo's incredibly photogenic friend Queen Isabella! She's a famously pretty Cavalier from Texas, who you might recognize from the Houston Dog Blog or Life+Dog.

Happy birthday CLEO

Thanks to Ryan and Isabella for reminding us that older dogs and people rule!

You still have time to share your homecoming -gotcha day- birthday wishes with Cleo!

Send your greetings and photo cards to us at grouchypuppy@yahoo.com so we can show everyone all of Cleo's fancy friends from around the world.

Let's celebrate older dogs, adopted dogs, dog lovers and all dogs!

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