Happy Homecoming Day, Cleo! from Willy Von Stickleback, Muttville senior dog for adoption
Happy Homecoming Day! from Sparky, Muttville senior dog for adoption

Dog Lover, Pie Maker, Sometime Puppy Sitter Sends Cleo Kisses

Anna from Three Babes Bakeshop is super busy making incredibly delicious pies for upcoming Thanksgiving meals all over the country. Since she couldn't stop by today, she sent this sweet photo card instead. Aren't they a cute pair?

image from www.grouchypuppy.com


Everyone at once, "awwwwwwwwww" and once your done, consider visiting their website and ordering a pie. You won't be disappointed. If you live in the Bay Area or plan to visit, their weekly emails will tell you where they are serving slices.

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