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Celebrating life with a senior dog all November: Meet Pugs

Send us your photos, we're celebrating Senior Dog Adoption Month on Grouchy Puppy all November! 

This sweet story comes from Utah. Meet Pugs

image from www.grouchypuppy.com

I just thought that I would share a picture of me with my new friend, 'Pugs'. I do some volunteer work for the Humane Society of Utah and came upon this old fellow's picture and description on the adoption web site. It stated that his estimated age was 12 years old. He looked sad in the picture and I just had to go see him. The rest is history!

Pugs has a new home and we have a new friend. Pugs will now have the rest of a very comfortable life with my wife and me. Also, he doesn't look sad any more!

Steve Starley

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