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Rumble Dolls - The Untold Story of Cleo's Long Lost Brother

Celebrating Eight Years with Cleo. As part of today's online celebration of our eight years with our dog, we're sharing blog posts, photos, videos and more from the past. 

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Everyone knows by now that our dog dog is adopted. But back in 2010, much to everyone's surprise, Cleo discovered that she had a long lost brother living in New Zealand. His name is d'Artagnan Rumblepurr and he sent this video [...]

Besides sending the video to Cleo, Rumblepurr wrote this touching note on Cleo's blog three years ago:

I've discovered a deeply hidden, truly heartbreaking fact about myself.

I'm adopted.

 It was a shock, big brother Inigo told me... it explained so much about my life, and it opened up some of my kitten memories. It was incredible, how it came rushing back to me!! I had a BOOTIFUL sister that was sent to a far away land!!

Now I can hear you saying, 'Rumbles, you have a sister!? She must be STUNNING!' ...and it's true! She is! In fact... she owns this blog!

That's right, the lovely Miss Cleo is my long lost sister. We were separated when I was but a tiny kitten and she was a young puppy.

Why were we separated? Simple. Together we would be able to rule the whole world. Our good-looking-ness would transcend space and time! Alien lifeforms would flock to earth just to bask in our light... but so much power is TOO much power.

And so, my bootiful sister was sent to a strange and unusual place called San Francisco, and I was sent to live on this tiny island of New Zealand.

I'm so glad I have a way to communicate with her through social networking... but we have to be cautious not to get TOO close, or there could be a supernova.


With Cleo's plush mane, and cat-like traits, this was not as big a surprise to us as it was to them. Rumbles is a Maine Coon cat and very handsome, it's easy to see they could be related.

Soon after this, I met many people who loved Cleo and one in particular who is a famous artist.

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