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Adoptable PAIR of Senior Dogs this week: Penny and Corky

How do you celebrate Senior Dog Adoption Month in a way so epic and worthy of an infinite amount of good karma? Consider adopting this tiny pair of sweet dogs whose owner passed away.

Sisters Penny and Corky

Sometimes we run into life situations that are just sad, and this is one of them. One would say "who on earth would surrender these cuties"? Well, in this case, no one. Their owner passed away, and now after 12 years with the same person, they are in search of a new home to call their own.

These two girls weigh only 5 lbs. They have gorgeous long-haired soft coats, a beautiful blend of Chihuahua and Pomeranian. They are quiet and clearly were well cared for.

Something else to share about these lovelies -- many times when dogs have lived with one person their whole lives, it is difficult to settle to a new home, but not these girls! They came to Muttville and immediately were comfortable with their new temporary home, and they are great with all the other old doggies!

Penny and her sister Corky are looking to go home together. They are in it together till the end, and you will be the better for it when they are both snuggled up next to you. Come meet them at Muttville!


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