Celebrating life with a senior dog all November: Meet Bunny
Celebrating life with a senior dog all November: Meet Mollie G

10 unique ways to celebrate your senior dog

Having a senior dog is awesome. When life gives you awesome, you should make awesome-ade.

Um... you should celebrate it, I mean. Celebrate the awesome.


If you're not sure how to celebrate your senior dog, no need to worry. I'm a blogger, and I'm here to help. (Which is to say... I've got you covered.)

Here are some easy (and unique) ways to celebrate the senior pup in your life.

  1. Check out a copy of The Old Dog and the Flea from the library (or, you know, a real book). Curl up with your dog. Repeat.
  2. Come up with a list of punny dog names inspired by elderly celebrities. Clint Eastwoof, Waggy Smith, and Sean Pawnery, this is your time to shine.
  3. Prepare for the haters and work on your snappy comebacks.
  4. Perfect your stealth skills by seeing how long you can tiptoe around without waking up your senior dog. (Yesterday, my husband came home, took Tavish for a walk, and put a treat in front of Bella's nose when he returned. She still didn't hear him. That's a new record.) If your stealth experiment is a resounding success, you might even be able to enjoy a thunderstorm again. If so, it's time to break out your rain dance.
  5. Pretend that Fifty Shades of Grey was about a bunch of adorable senior dogs. You never have to read the real thing, and you'll save yourself from some truly terrible writing.
  6. Speaking of grey, put down the hair dye. After all, don't dogs and their owners start to look alike after a while? (Not to mention that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Flatter your dog.)
  7. Embrace the early bird special. Your dog may not come with a snooze button, but look on the bright side - a hungry dog is a healthy dog (at least when it comes to Bella).
  8. Slip your pup a few extra treats before bed. She might even sleep in a little the next morning. (Note: This tactic does not work in my house.)
  9. Reenact your own version of Driving Miss Daisy (Driving Miss Lazy?) the next time you have to go to the vet.
  10. Take a nap every time your senior dog does. You'll never feel more rested.




It's that easy. 

Now it's your turn. How do you celebrate your senior dog?

A.J. is the blogger behind I Still Want More Puppies. She's on the leash of Bella, a twelve-year-old Beagle/Jack Russell mix. She blogs about pop culture, pup culture, and anything else that strikes her fancy. On her blog, you can find humor with a dose of heart, and you'll quickly discover that she never met a pun she didn't like. All dogs are puppies to her, and she thinks senior puppies are the sweetest of all.

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